Getting Ready for 2015

What a crazy and fabulous year it has been, so many wonderful blessings and I would like to say Thank You!  I am so excited for some of the new things that will be coming this year, first of all, you can now pick your own dates based on my availability, no more having to go back and forth on what is available, now you can look and pick a date at your convenience, there is a new link on the right that takes you to my calendar (if you are viewing the website from a mobile device, you will need to select the full website option at the bottom of the page to see menus on the right), it shows available dates and times, and you pick the location, a shortcut directly to the booking site will be posted to Facebook soon.  Just make sure that you are careful making your selections, the one thing that I feel will be a big change, but a necessary one is the change in session fee processing.  Session fees will now be required to be paid at the time of booking, this will make the day of easier for everyone, you don't have to worry about getting payment to me, it will already be done and we can just enjoy our time together.  One more thing to note is that since my schedule has become so insane, I have had to establish a non-refundable policy with a re-booking fee if you have to cancel for personal reasons, weather reschedules will be done without re-booking fees.  Now back to some of the more exciting changes, you no longer have to deal with CDs, I am now offering digital download albums, some of you have been testing these during the holidays, and not only are they password protected so they are easier for you to share with friends and family, you can order prints right from your album, you can download to your device or computer, and best of all, it is backed up for at least two years.  I haven't even mentioned yet, that I have already established all the mini sessions for the year, the mini-session website so you can see what mini's will be offered, see the cost and book dates, is separate from the other booking site, this way I can ensure that they are not overbooked or taken over with regular sessions, you will see on the list that there is a new Senior Portrait Mini Session, for those Seniors that find themselves running out of time to get their session booked, they will have a chance to get a spot for those last minute announcements and invitations.  To see the mini session calendar, follow the link that says This Way to 2015 Mini Sessions.  I look forward to another amazing year to come and may you and your families have a wonderful and happy New Year!

Photo Basics - Getting to Know your DSLR Class

As the holidays approach, I am preparing to wrap things up for this year and getting things ready to roll out some new and exciting features for the coming year.  Every January I have enjoyed getting ramped up with a Photo Basics Class, this year due to such high demand over the past few years, I have opened two time slots, a morning and an afternoon.  If you book before January 1st, the fee is $75, after January 1st the fee will go up to $99.  Don't miss your spot, only 5 spots per class so that we have plenty of time for the one-on-one time with your camera.

To book your slot visit,